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ABAHR Statement on Christian Orpilla
ABAHR Statement on Christian Orpilla
Manolita Holadia, President of the Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads, released a statement on the tragic loss of fellow ABAHR Board Member and President of APAHO, Christian Orpilla


Virginia Beach, Virginia -- On behalf of the Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads Board of Directors, we offer our deepest sympathies to Board member Tricia Orpilla and her family for the loss of her husband and our fellow Board Member Christian Orpilla. Our Asian community has lost more than a valuable community leader, we lost a dear friend! While some people are satisfied living the simple life, Christian served not only his Filipino community, but he served the entire Asian community thru his volunteer work with ABAHR, APAHO, FilAm Fest, and Asian Fest. He was always kind, empathetic, respectful, humble and never boastful though he had many accomplishments of which he could boast. It is a testament of his life that his last act was volunteering to load equipment onto a truck for the Fil Fest this past weekend. FilAm Fest USA 2019 dedicated this event to Christian. In his memory, please appreciate these videos and photos from this Fil Fest he worked so diligently to help organize.

Manolita "Manny" Holadia, Esq., President
Asian Business Association of Hampton Roads
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Ph: (757) 486-3000
Fax (757) 486-4732


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