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Upscale Resale's name is mentioned once again by The Shopper
Upscale Resale's name is mentioned once again by The Shopper
Juan M. Montero II, MD, FACS with Montero Medical Missions' Office Manager Danielle Holbrook, left, and Volunteer Store Manager Linda Nimershiem, right.


Below please enjoy the latest article as Upscale Resale's name is shared once again by The Shopper. The Shopper is a monthly direct-mail magazine serving Hampton Roads. Here you will find a great article about our domestic & international missions which includes our newest diabetes project. Learn more about Montero Medical Missions & Upscale Resale for Montero Medical Missions at our website,

Below is an excerpt from the article written by Anna Mirkova in The Shopper:

"Upscale Resale celebrated its one year anniversary in May. It was a milestone in the short history of this philanthropic store that funds Montero Medical Missions – a charitable organization founded and run by Dr. Juan Montero, a retired surgeon and long-time medical missionary. Upscale Resale is a unique enterprise that offers pre-owned and gently used high quality brands of clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and fixtures for reduced prices. The merchandise is elegantly arranged by type so that customers may directly peruse men’s clothing, for example, or browse at their own pace. “We can beat any competition,” Dr. Montero laughs. 

The walls of Upscale Resale are beautifully decorated with a variety of paintings that are also available for purchase. Customers are welcomed by the warm smiles of volunteers. All merchandise is donated, which is a win-win situation, not only for Montero Medical Missions but also for donors, customers, and volunteers. 

“Donors win because they feel good about giving to the cause and getting a tax deduction as well,” Dr. Montero explains. “Customers win because the quality of donations is wonderful. Some items still have their tags. I’ve even bought a few things for myself. And volunteers win because contributing their efforts to a worthy cause helps them make a difference in the world. And we like to take care of our volunteers. We often have cook-outs for them to enjoy some down time with the community.” 

And while Upscale Resale’s name is gaining some recognition in our region, the store would like to generate more funding for the health projects that Montero Medical Missions runs here in Virginia as well as in the Philippines, Mongolia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sri Lanka and dozens of other countries where medical care or supplies are limited. Despite its modest budget and an all-volunteer employee base, Montero Medical Missions has donated five 40 foot containers with medical supplies since its inception in 2011. It is preparing to ship another one to Sri Lanka next month. There are few other humanitarian organizations that provide health services both domestically and internationally.

Since last year Dr. Montero has been planning a new Montero Medical Missions project that would focus on combatting the global spread of diabetes. Thanks to his long and distinguished career as a surgeon, he has had the privilege of consulting with local doctors who are renowned experts in the field of diabetes research. He has benefited from the advice of the Strelitz Diabetes Center at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. He has also been working full speed to convince friends, acquaintances, and strangers to donate merchandise to Upscale Resale, using “friendly persuasion and a tap on the shoulder,” as he puts it affectionately, to encourage them to volunteer at the store. 

“Fighting diabetes has worldwide implications in health care,” he asserts. “We plan to have mass screenings in every country.” Dr. Montero’s eyes light up as he sketches out the project. “All we have to do is test with a simple kit. All those who are pre-diabetic or diagnosed with full blown diabetes can be treated instead of not knowing they have an issue, and this will improve their overall health care.”

Despite its modest budget and an all-volunteer employee base, 
Montero Medical Missions has donated five 40 foot containers 
with medical supplies since its inception in 2011.

Dr. Montero’s attention to diabetes complements Montero Medical Missions’ signature health projects: blindness prevention and sight restoration, prosthetic services, dental care focused on hygiene education, cleanings, and minor reconstructive corrections. All three areas are connected to the harmful consequences of diabetes, such as loss of eyesight, limb amputations, and gum problems.

Dr. Montero plans to launch the project to fight diabetes in the Philippines where his organization has an adopted hospital. Montero Medical Missions Philippines will join forces with Rotary and Lions clubs to begin diabetes screenings. Members of these service organizations will perform the necessary tests while doctor volunteers and advisors associated with Montero Medical Missions will provide expertise as necessary. MMM will help monitor an international registry of number of diabetics. Partnerships with local health professionals are indispensable to the successful implementation of any project; they ensure its sustainability. This is a core belief of Montero Medical Missions.

Partnerships are key to the accomplishments of the organization here in Hampton Roads as well. Twice a year, Montero Medical Missions joins forces with regional health professionals to hold a Health Fair for Veterans. The upcoming fair will be held on October 7th in Chesapeake at the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center (Life Style Building). The fair will offer free health screenings, selected on-site services, and referrals to specialists as needed. Free transportation will be provided to those veterans who cannot travel to the location on their own. Dr. Montero proudly reports that veterans’ families have volunteered in the Upscale Resale store. “In my opinion, this is community building at its best,” he remarks.

Montero Medical Missions will hold a Summer Bash on July 24th  from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the Bier Garden in Portsmouth. Dinner, music, and an entertaining silent auction will mark the special evening while guests learn more about the organization, the Upscale Resale store, and seize the opportunity to extend their support to the mission of improving global health.

Dr. Montero is especially happy that the Summer Bash will take place at the Bier Garden. He fondly remembers the owner’s son, whose appendix he removed years ago. “I operated on so many people,” Dr. Montero notes. “I spend lots of time at Upscale Resale and it’s such a pleasant surprise when a former patient walks in and says, ‘Doc, you operated on me.’” 

For Dr. Montero, such moments are precious reminders of how deeply rooted he has become in the Hampton Roads community, a community that he has gratefully called home for the last 51 years. Blessed with an understanding wife, four wonderful sons, daughters-in-law, 10 grandchildren, and a successful career, Dr. Montero is eager to use his boundless energy to promote the health care of the local as well as the global human community. 

Please visit for more information about Upscale Resale for Montero Medical Missions.

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