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Videos & Events

Enjoy the following videos below as we continue to explore the beautiful coastal Virginia with our bi-monthly FusionMeet and monthly FusionTalk and monthly FusionMixer with members.  Bring a guest in our next upcoming event and just mixing business with pleasure and culture with FusionMeet.

Why FusionMeet?

FusionMeet - Cultural Business Networking

Asian Business Association Hampton Roads believe that understanding other's culture within your business group (colleagues, clients and customers) can help your people skills and understanding to others and make better decisions. FusionMeet are for professionals and if you like to meet with other like minded professional / business people and would like to talk culture other than business & learn about other culture - then this is the networking group for you!

 FusionMeet meets 2-3 times a month to explore diversity that affects our business decisions, how we communicate and become global thinkers.

Our initial goal is to meetup once a month and now we will meet 3 x a month with FusionMeet (morning every 2nd Wednesday), FusionLunch (every 3rd Wednesday) and FusionMeet Mixer (Every 4th Wednesday).


Why FusionTalk


  2016-2017 FusionMeet, FusionTalk, FusionMixer & Other Events


August 2017 FusionTalk on Romania with Rodica Lambert On FusionMeet with Mvoss Creation and Asian Business Association HR 




July 2017 FusionTalk on Germany with Ms. Regina of Stop Abuse on FusionMeet with Mvoss & ABAHR 




June 2017 FusionTalk on Latin / Peruvian Culture with Yeliv Adams & FusionLunch @ the Saffron Indian Bistro




May 2017 Fusiontalk on Business and Diversity with Chandler Turner of Laris Media




April 2017 FusionMeet: FusionTalk on British Culture of WOW by Guy Burns




FusionNetworking is FusionMeet, FusionMixer, FusionLunch & FusionTalk



What is FusionMeeet? The Diverse, Dapper & Developed America in Coastal Virginia



FusionMeet - You Don't Have to Be Alone. Networking. Mixed. With ABAHR



FusionMeet Joyful Asian Couple 1 Promotional Video




March 2017 FusionTalk on Immigration & Philippine Culture with Atty Mendoza for FusionMeet with ABAHR & Mvoss Creation 



February FusionMeet - Where Business with Pleasure is Mix with Culture



MVOSS Creation with Best of the Mess Culinary Masquerade Party



MVOSS Creation with University of Phoenix on Leveraging Technology



FusionMixer at the Chrysler Museum in February FusionMeet



FusionTalk by Tony Astro on Culture Map.  February 2017 FusionMeet at University of Phoenix




Celebrating Chinese New Year at Judy's with FusionTalk on Art of War February 2017



 Why FusionMeet.  Highlights from 2016 on FusionLunch and FusionMixers:



 FusionMixer at Adele Jewelry



Celebrating Christmas with ABAHR and FusionMeet. 



FusionMeet:  How We Spend Christmas in our Culture  



FusionTalk:  How We Spend Christmas in our Culture.  FusionMeet in December at Movement Mortgage







Seasons Greetings from FusionMeet by MVOSS Creation Promotional Videos



FusionMeet:  At the Amplitude.  Sharing (And Singing) our Cultures with Business




FusionLunch:  Happy Buffet while Learning on FusionTalk with Small Business Development Virginia (From Richmond)



FusionMeet:  FusionTalk on Public Speaking with Toastmasters at the University of Phoenix




FusionMeet Mixed Up sponsored by MVOSS Creation Social Video



What is FusionMeet & Where do we Meet?



Why FusionMeet Every Month in Coastal Virginia?




MVOSS Creation (Creator and Founding Member) Sponsors FusionMeet




FusionMeet:  First Meetup in September 2106




MVOSS Creation Supports and Sponsors ABAHR's FusionMeet



FusionMeet:  Where Business with Pleasure Mixed with Culture


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